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About the book” Know your Rahmatul-lil-Aalamin (mercy for the universe)”

 Effort has been made to acquaint its readers with the unique personality of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and dispel the myths and misconceptions about Islam and the message of the holy Quran for the peaceful co-existence of the human race.

This book “Know your Rahmatul-lil-Aalamin (Mercy for the universe) aims at presenting Islamic concept of Jihad, Women’s emancipation and their status and rights, human rights and mutual relations among human beings.

It is really very unfortunate that the Arabic word Jihad has come to be associated with war and killing fellow human beings. The Arabic word jihad means ‘to make efforts’ to make honesty, compassion, control the sources of pollution (of any kind), maintaining peace, etc a way of life.

It is often alleged that the force behind the spread of Islam was the SWORD. Of course it was the force of sword, a sword of incomparable sharpness; yes, the sword of mercy, compassion, friendship and forgiveness.

Tributes by non-Muslim and even the staunchest opponents of Islam bear testimony to the uniqueness of the personality of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) who not only conveyed the message of Almighty Allah (the holy Quran) to the humanity verbally but also gave a practical demonstration of His message.  

Compiled & Published by Muhammad T. Kaifi 
  • A visionary & dreamer since early age with a passion to work hard & sincerely for the needy and weaker sections of the society.  His life trajectory is nothing less than rags to riches stories. Born as a third child among ten of his siblings in a remote village called Mahuwa, dist- Vaishali in the state of Bihar (India) to a father, a respected & noble teacher and mother, a simple home maker. He received his early education in the village itself and moved out after passing his senior secondary school to pursue his dream. After an initial period of straggling and being jobless, he finally secured a job in a construction company in 1986 and since then there was no looking back for him.
  • A proud co-owner of an Educational society taking care of educational cause in the state of Bihar since last two decades.
  • Founded the construction companies namely "Abzan Construction Private Limited" in 1992 & Zagson Engineering Limited in 2010 and build it from one employee to more than 900 employees. This Construction & Engineering Business is spread today across the country and Gulf region.
  • Founder of the NGO namely "Minority Development & Protection Foundation" in 2007 and one who devotes most of his time to a variety of civic and philanthropic activities for the upliftment of minorities & uneducated and socially deprived people in India.
  • Assigned the job of an "Observer" by All India Congress Committee (AICC) during Lok Sabha elections held in 2009 for the state of Bihar, UP and Rajasthan on the basis of social net working with dedication and commitment.
  • An upcoming topic based columnist in newspaper of Urdu, Hindi and English apart from being a good orator.Compiled and published the Book "Know your Rahmatul-lil-Aalamin (Mercy for the Universe)" in 2017. Effort was highly acknowledge as a very successful attempt in creating an atmosphere of world brotherhood, communal harmony and removing the myths and misconception about Islam and received a heartening response as it struck the right chord with its readers of all faiths.
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Late Syed Mohammad  Zaheer Alam

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19th November 1962

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Hindi, Urdu & English.
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